Wearables & Soft Goods

A new concentration in Product Design

Anything that is worn by or on the body—shoes, clothing, bags, equipment and accessories—falls into the product design specialization known as Wearables and Soft Goods.

Over the last couple of decades, numerous alumni from ArtCenter’s industrial design undergraduate programs have developed successful careers in the footwear, apparel and athletic equipment industry. They have been leading innovation for companies like Nike and Adidas, and now, with the emergence of wearable technology, they are also innovating “head-to-toe” products and systems that address health, wellness, fitness and other human-centered needs. In smaller companies, they have been applying their product design training to bags, fashion and accessories, in positions traditionally held by fashion designers. As independent design entrepreneurs, ArtCenter alumni have developed brands around soft goods and wearable lifestyle accessories.

Recognizing these trends, the Product Design department is introducing new courses focused on this area.